ether dream

Ether Dream - DMX Interface

NOTE - This page is for the previous Ether Dream 1. Check the current website.

The Ether Dream DMX interface is an add-on board for the Ether Dream that allows it to control external DMX devices and receive DMX input. New firmware allows the Ether Dream to work as a DMX-to-OSC and OSC-to-DMX bridge, for compatibility with a wide variety of other software.

photo of Ether Dream with DMX interface


Connection Diagram

Use the included 6-pin jumper cable to connect the DMX board to one of the serial expansion headers on the Ether Dream. Match pin 1 on the Ether Dream to pin 1 on the DMX board. Serial expansion header #1 correponds to DMX universe 1, and likewise for 2 and 3. Only header 1 can currently be used for input.